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At we are passionate about news. We have assembled a team of subject matter experts (SME’s) representing a variety backgrounds and industries. We collaborate on every project to make sure that we give you the best service possible. stays current with all the latest news and general affairs which means that we can angle the news writing to suit you and give you the exposure that you need with press release distribution. Plus, we continually monitor internet and technology trends and best practices for content management, promotion and distribution in order  ensure we are amplifying and extending the life of all content we distribute.

  •  A team of highly skilled and focused individuals.
  • Extremely experienced marketing team.
  • Little as $19.00 to post one Press Release.
  • We’re available to assist you in any way.



Press Release Writing

Our staff writers specialize in producing press release content that gets attention and includes the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques so that your article will generate organic web traffic. Having the right mix of optimized keywords naturally woven into your article will make the difference between having an article that gets read by your friends, and having an article that goes viral. We also produce headlines, subheads, and pull quotes that pop in order to capture even the most passive web surfers and rope them into your article.

Press Release Distribution

Sure we publish your press release on your site and send it to search engines. Lots of PR services do that. What we do differently is we build relationships with the top bloggers and PR experts in each industry so that your press release will have the best chance at getting relevant exposure. The ultimate goal is to help your story get picked up by other news outlets online and even offline so that you realize maximum value for your PR investment.

Content Curation & Management

If you need to create regular news updates, social commentary, and blog entries for your business, our team can help. We can source relevant content from around the web and intersperse it with your own company news, reviews, announcements and updates so that your website, blog, and social channels are never short on content. We can also assist with setting up a plug-and-play content library or shared site where your internal marketing team and third-party agency can grab content to publish or spin through various channels. This type of work requires a longer view approach so please contact us to request an initial consultation.

Content Amplification

It’s okay for you to tell your story. It’s better if someone else tells it, and they tell it to others who tell it to others. The idea behind our approach is to get your press release in the hands of the people and outlets that can amplify your story, make it bigger, and give you the best chance of having a story that goes viral. And let’s face it, there’s no better return on investment than publishing and article that goes viral. Our process increases your odds.

Social Promotions

Like our Content Amplification service, we can promote your news release, stories and updates through social channels in a way that will increase online exposure and give your content the opportunity to take on a life of its own. That said most of our clients realize the greatest return when viewing social as a drip marketing effort. We can help you build and execute a social strategy that breaks up your stories into sound bites that are easily transmitted and digested online over an extended duration.

Database Marketing

PR Carbon founders are experts in database marketing, and no project is too large. Our team can model big data and isolate key customer attributes that drive response in order to maximize the performance of all your marketing segmentation. We can also analyze touch frequency and response by channel in order to produce propensity models that optimize your customer communications streams. If you have ever felt like your company could improve response rates and conversions through better targeting and smarter segmentation, then request an initial consultation and we’ll build a program that works for you.