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  • Temporary Car Insurance – Where To Go

    Have you ever thought it would be handy to drive a car for a few days? There are any number of reasons why you might need be able to drive a car for a short amount of time. It could be that you are borrowing a friends car or going on a driving holiday and want to share the responsibility of driving. However it is usually the fact that you don’t have ...

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  • Simon Cowell The Most Recognizable Face on British TV

    Simon Cowell is probably one of the most recognizable faces on British TV. It is hard to believe that the 50 year started out as a post boy in a record labels head offices. Since then he has moved up the ladder to be one of the most respected names in the music industry. He has been involved in the management of bands since as Westlife and The Spice Girls....

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  • Justin Biebers’ Sudden Stardom

    It seems that you can barley go online these days without a mention of this talented 16 year old. The Canadian is all over social networking sites since Bieber Fever started to hit the music world. He first made his mark by recording home videos of him singing and uploading them to You Tube. This caught the attention of music lovers everywhere and it was n...

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  • Peter Andre’s Life In The Limelight

    Peter Andre has been on the pop music scene for a number of years now. Switch on any music channel 10 years ago and his songs would have been featured on them, he was a regular on Saturday morning TV and often appeared at events such as the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party. Unfortunately it seemed that Peter was hit by the fact that pop became uncool and his ...

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  • Diana Vickers Celebrity Career

    Blackburn born Diana Vickers was first seen on reality TV show, The X Factor. It was her voice that grabbed the judges attention at her first audition. They were amazed that such a strong voice could come out of such a little girl. However during the audition process and throughout the live finals it was more than just her voice that grabbed the headlines....

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  • Cheryl Cole And Her Celeb Experience

    Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole is probably one of the queens of TV at the moment. It seems a life time ago that she auditioned as a quiet geordie lass for reality TV show Pop Stars : The Rivals. On the show a boyband and a girl band were created to battle it out for the number one spot. Cheryl went on to win a place in the now world famous girlband Girls Aloud. S...

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