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  • Iphone Owners Rejoicing over iPhone Unlocking Software

    Manchester, UK – December 12th, 2010: Manchester native Mark Scott and his team of software developers launched their new iPhone Unlock 3G software on their home page. This allows iPhone owners near and far the very irresistible opportunity to use their Apple phones with any network provider they wish as well as allowing them to install programs and...

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  • is for Sale! $560,000 USD

    Everybody knows that domain ownership can be very lucrative. As the web fills up with thousands of new websites each and every day, people are scrambling to grab the very best domain names they can get their hands on because a whole of money is available if you own a great domain that guarantees tons of internet traffic. Well, heads up to all domain name h...

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  • Steel Building Kits Manufacturer Absolute Steel Opens Texas Factory

    Texas, United States – November 30, 2010. Despite a sluggish and uncertain national economy, steel building kits provider Absolute Steel ( has launched a 33,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Terrell, Texas, near Dallas. Absolute Steel’s steel building kits are in use throughout North America, favored by everyone from homeo...

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  • Tax Credit for Metal Roofing Set To Expire at Year End

    Arizona, USA –  November 30, 2010 A special federal tax credit awarded homeowners who buy energy-saving metal roofing is set to expire December 31st, if not acted upon by lawmakers. Metal roofing provider Absolute Steel ( ) reports brisk sales of its Energy Star metal roofing, as consumers move fast to take advantage of...

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  • US Manufacturer Shipping Steel Carports to Afghanistan

    Phoenix, Arizona, USA – November 30, 2010 Absolute Steel ( fabricator of steel buildings used throughout North America, recently announced shipment of their first order of steel carports to our troops in Afghanistan. Dean Thomas, Absolute Steel’s founder and CEO, explained: “All branches of the U.S. Armed Forces use our steel car...

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