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  • SAHAR ATID: A Reliable Name In The Diamond Industry

    Summary: SAHAR ATID – a company dedicated towards fulfilling customers’ needs and dreams. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ramat-Gan (March, 2011) – SAHAR ATID Diamonds is one of the top names in the diamond industry. The company is a partnership between Yair Sahar and Mordechai Abo both with over three decades of experience in sorting, polishing and d...

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  • Phuket – A Paradise Island

    Have you been dreaming of taking a low-cost, tropical vacation this year? If so, you should definitely consider visiting beautiful Phuket – Thailand’s largest island. Phuket is also known as the “pearl of the south” and it is located on the Andaman Sea coastline in Phang Nga Province. The island of Phuket is accessible by plane via the convenientl...

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  • Genital Warts One of Today's Most Common STDs

    It’s a topic we don’t want to think about, let alone discuss with others – genital warts. However, genital warts is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases today. These warts which most often appear as small groups of bumps in the genital region are caused by the human papilloma virus which is more recognizable as HPV. There is a...

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  • Getting the Most Out of Your Dell Inspiron Charger

    It is inevitable that sooner or later you will have to replace your Dell Inspiron charger. However, there are a few ways that you can maximize its running time. If you notice that your charger is becoming hot to the touch when plugged into an outlet you may want to replace it with a new one as there may be something wrong with the transformer. It is normal...

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  • Aprons are Out of the Closet and in the Limelight in 2011

    When you think of an apron, you may get a vision of a housewife from the 1950s wearing a dowdy apron while slaving over a hot stove or washing a sink full of dirty dishes. However, today the apron is no longer simply a plain garment to wear when cooking or cleaning as it has been enjoying a resurrection over the past few years. In these modern times, both ...

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