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  • Asteroid nears earth

    An asteroid measuring between 15-60 feet in diameter will pass within approx 7,600 miles of earths atmosphere at 1pm EDT. Astronomers are saying there is no chance of it colliding with earth. Lucky really as an asteroid of that size would have an impact similar to 2 or 3 atom bombs, experts say. The astrroid named 2011MD should ve bright enough to be seen ...

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  • Jane Norman slips into administration

    Jane Norman has today become the latest victim of the economic crisis, with debts of 140 million. Closing its 90 stores putting 1600 jobs at risks. The high street chain has struggled in recent times as their core age group, 16-25 have encountered higher rates of unemployment and have been hit hardest during the recession. This is the third high street ret...

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  • Paul Simon gives it at Glastonbury

    Paul Simon gave a great performance at Glastonbury today. Ive never seen Paul Simon live and I can honestly say he impressed me. I had him in the “cant sing live” box, i dong know why, but boy did he prove me wrong. At the start of his set, he mentioned he had a throat infection, so might not be top of his game. An excuse I thought for what was...

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  • Fighting to Stop Foreclosure through Class Action vs. Pro Se: What homeowners need to understand

      Making the decision to stand up for your rights and demand justice for a wrongful foreclosure or to save your home is a critically important decision. An equally important decision is how you will go about stopping foreclosure and whether or not you will start or join a class action or perhaps challenge the pretender lender as Pro Se. Both methods ...

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  • Web Design Chorley – TY Creative!

    TY Creative – web design company based near chorley, has released their new website TY Creative offer a wide range of internet & web based solutions including web design, custom web development, SEO, advertising, and blogging. Tom Yates director of the company quoted “We aim to provide our clients with top class, bespo...

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