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  • Will A Bank Settlement Stop Foreclosure Fraud And Really Help America

      It’s been over four months now since the nationwide foreclosure probe into the country’s largest Banks began, and approaching a year since the revelation of “robo-signers” and shocking news that Banks and Lenders have been illegally foreclosing nationwide. But as talks to reach a multi-billion dollar settlement continue, the question on many p...

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  • How the Internet Became an Everyday Essential

    Author: Harvey McEwan When the internet first became a common site in many households and businesses, it was primarily used for keeping in touch with the people that mattered through email. However, early internet connections, namely dial-up systems, were not only very expensive, but also extremely slow at times, and using the internet also meant that you ...

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  • SEO Techniques Not Working for You?

    Anyone who has dabbled in SEO knows that getting a Google first page listing is the main goal to put all of their efforts into. You might very well have a website that is pleasing to the eye, professional, well-organized, easily navigable and so forth. Yet, you are perplexed as to why your site is only receiving a handful of visitors each day. The problem ...

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  • Amy Winehouse, loss of a talent

    At the young age of 27, Amy Winehouse died on Saturday 23 July 2011, she was found at approx 4pm and was “beyond” help. Although not yet confirmed the cause of death is thought to be that of a drug overdose. The results of her post-mortem have so far not yet determined how the singer died. The 27 year old star rose to fame with her second albu...

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  • Search Marketing Services for Your Local Business

    There are numerous SEO consulting firms available in the market today. But, not all are able to understand the customer’s needs in growing the business. Search Marketing Local Consulting Group is a worldwide group which specialized in the local SEO for local business owners. is offering local search marketing services for a l...

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