Golden Way Media Gives Indie Authors the Best Chance to Spark Book Sales

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Golden Way Media Gives Indie Authors the Best Chance to Spark Book Sales

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Golden way Media’s Book marketing service increases publicity and build authors credibility

Golden Way Media is a renowned multilingual digital marketing agency offering online marketing services. Golden way Media offers a wide array of marketing services to help authors’ books get the attention they deserve.


For any author, whether small or big house-published, getting noticed is one of the primary challenges. Larger publishers provide marketing support for their authors, but with smaller publishers, and if you’ve self-published, they may be mostly or entirely on their own.

If authors want their self-published book to sell, a marketing plan is crucial for their book publicity. An author should know what kind of promotion works best for his or her genre to increase sales. We offer packages which are suitable for authors on low budget and big publishing houses across Europe and North America.“ says Maria Johnsen , CEO and Founder of Golden Way Media.

For more information on Golden Way Media’s book marketing packages visit the link below.

About Golden Way Media

Golden Way Media was established in May 2009 by Maria Johnsen, a hyperpolyglot computer engineer who knows eighteen languages. The company’s vision is to change the way businesses speak, listen and share online. The company offers multilingual digital marketing and brand reputation services across Europe and North America. Golden Way Media’s multilingual search engine optimization quickly rose to the top in the world! Golden Way Media created multilingual SEO as a new search engine optimization trend and received many projects worldwide. In 2012 the company received a project for a political party in the U.S and since then they have been performing publicity for politicians in Europe and North America. Today Golden way Media operates marketing campaigns for companies around the world.

Address: Urdsvei 5

7033 Trondheim, Norway

Phone: +4790612731

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