This three-page tutorial shows you how to write a press release and get it published. The examples tend to assume you are writing for a newspaper or other printed media, but the same principles apply to any news media.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a story or announcement written for distribution to news publishers (newspapers, television, radio, websites, etc).

Although press releases can be written and distributed by anyone, they tend to be the domain of publicists. For example, when a large company launches a new product, their public relations officer would compose a press release with the relevant details. They would have a list of media contacts and send the press release to all of them in the hope that at least some would use the story and help promote their product.

A press release can be thought of as a news story with an agenda. While the story itself should be genuinely newsworthy, it may be carefully crafted to promote a particular business, organization or point of view.