ITPARTS.COM Announces The Successful Launch of “Audio Jack Splitter For iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus” On

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ITPARTS.COM Announces The Successful Launch of “Audio Jack Splitter For iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus” On

Ad 336X280, an established leader in innovative designer of accessories consumer electronics, pleasantly announced that iTParts branded “Audio Jack Splitter for iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus” is now available to public for purchase at Amazon through the following exclusive link

Audio Jack Splitter for iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus at AMAZON

Apple users are aware that the iPhone 7/7+ doesn’t have a headphone jack anymore. Users can’t even charge the phone while using wired headphone which uses the same charging (8PIN) Port unless you want to spend $159 on a pair Bluetooth AirPods.

ITParts saw the need for eight port lightning port splitter adapter and launched this newly designed device that offers an inexpensive solution. iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus users can now charge the phone while listening to the music or making phone calls.

According to ITPARTS’ Spokesperson Anne Thomas, this new device splits the lightning charging port into two ports; one is eight port lightning charger port, and another one is 3.5mm conventional audio headphone jack.  Apple’s iPhone 7 headphone jack Problem is solved because iPhone 7 headphone jack is back.

Marketing official also announced that the newly introduced Splitter Adapter is LIVE online at AMAZON and ITPARTS.COM

iPhone 7 Lightning Adapter Splitter Adapter

ITPARTS’ Spokesperson explained the functionality of the iPhone 7 Splitter Adapter, “Because the splitter converts 8PIN lightning charger port to into two connections (8Pin Lightning for charging and 3.5mm for old conventional headphone). The device charges the phone and allows music to play as well as make phone calls simultaneously.”

Tech Department’s Spokesperson also added, “This Device EMPOWERS the user by providing the availability of the Older Conventional 3.5MM Headphone jack for listening to the music, as well as being able to charge the iPhone while being the answer and make the phone calls.”

Keywords leading to the device are listed here to that Apple iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus users can find this news. The devices could be called, iPhone 7 Headphones Adapter,  iPhone 7 Headphone and Charger Adapter, iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Adapter, iPhone 7 Headphone Adapter, iPhone 7 Earbuds Adapter, iPhone 7 Earbuds and Charger Adapter, iPhone 7 Lightning Adapter, iPhone 7 Lightning Splitter Adapter, iPhone 7 Lightning Adapter Splitter. Some other popular names for such a device are, iPhone 7 Lightning Splitter, iPhone 7 Lightning Adapter, iPhone 7 Lightning Mic Jack,  iPhone 7 Lightning Headphone Jack, iPhone 7S Lightning Splitter, iPhone 7S Lightning Adapter, iPhone 7S Lightning Mic Jack, iPhone 7S Lightning Headphone Jack, iPhone 7 headphone jack solution.


ITPARTS.COM is a woman-owned, minority small business. The parent Company is Chhabra Enterprises, LC owned by Indu Chhabra. The company is in business since 1999 and markets iPads, iPhones, and Accessories for iPads as well as iPhones. Source:
Media Contact: Anita Thomas

Business Address:

10233 Bach Blvd, St. louis, MO 63132, USA
Telephone: +1 314-246-9642.
Twitter: @ShawnChhabra

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