New Sacred Spring Water Purification Systems Invented

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New Sacred Spring Water Purification Systems Invented

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Meet the Inventor

Eric Gibson, inventor and patent holder of the Sacred Springs line of water purification systems and founder of Condor Eagle Technologies,Is one of a hand full of water scientist around the world that understands the connection between the molecular structure of water at the quantum level and quality drinking water.A leader in the science of water at  times refer to as the 4th phase of matter or crystalline state of water,Eric Gibson,a 40 year veteran in the plumbing industry was part of a special team of water scientists invited to the Hopi reservation in Tuba city Arizona with the goal of helping this Native American tribe  with their growing issues of water contamination.The Hopi are one of the oldest continuous settlements in the world, they have resided in the Northern Ariziona region well before the discovery of America


While there, Eric Gibson, custom designed,built and installed the first Sacred Spring Water Enhancement System capable of purifying water supplies for the Hopi nation who relied on the 10,000 tank to meet all their water needs. The chiefs wife was one of the first people to benefit from Eric’s Invention.This 40 year old women had been in rehab for 3 months prior to Eric’s visit to shangopavi Arizona recovering from  kidney transplant surgery,she was weak and barely able to walk when Eric came to see her the day she was released from rehab,He Installed a sacred spring shower unit which the house hold could also unitize for drinking water within 3 days after ingesting and showering with the sacred springs water Brenda was able to walk freely with out a walker and had soon recovered enough strength to resume her normal activities.It was them that Eric and a group of experts discovered there was some thing very unique about Sacred Springs water.Eric subsequently had his water tested by Dr Gaetan at state of the art Psy- tech laboratories located in Encinitas California.Hundreds of water samples have pass through this prestigious state of the art laboratory. As of the writing of this article sacred springs samples  provided by Eric Gibson was found to have the highest overall rating,energetic value and oxidation reduction potential of any sample that had ever passed through this facility

Eric Gibson understood that the structure of the water molecule is was more important the the chemistry and the vortex patterns created in natural system were absent in the majority of water distribution systems around the world.Stagnant low energy water is a facilitator of water contamination .Modern methods of water purification leave the water vulnerable to contamination. It was this understanding that soon thereafter led Eric to team up with Ulla Anderson, an environmentally conscious Psychology Professor, to form Condor Eagle Technologies and the development of the Sacred Spring Water Enhancement Systems products.

Because we believe everyone has a right to clean, healthy, quality water, Condor Eagle Technologies mission is to boast the quality of water ,while offering long term solutions to water contamination. Their goal is to educate the public while providing innovative water purification products that are affordable to the general public and traditionally undeserved populations.

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