Translation Services Company WordExpress Merges With USATranslations.

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Translation Services Company WordExpress Merges With USATranslations.

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Translation services company WordExpress and USA Translations have now combined their human, technical and linguistic resources into one company. This new company will mostly attend to the needs of the legal, high-tech, ecommerce, and health industries.

The new company will now be known as USA Translations – a division of WordExpress Corporation, with its main online presence at


Founded in 1993, WordExpress has become a well-established leader in multilingual communication, with clients and associates all over the globe.

Since its inception, WordExpress has developed a client-oriented approach with specialization in corporate, institutional, government and legal documents.

Now at USA Translations, an expert in-house staff will handle all the language projects. In addition, USA Translations employs over 5000 technical specialists, translators, interpreters, desktop publishers, editors and proofreaders from around the world who work with over 100 languages.

The in-house team at USA Translations, headed by Client Care Manager Larrissa Feldman, sees this merger as the next logical evolution in the rapidly changing translations industry that is playing a large role in the digital economy. Feldman also speaks of the added value to clients of having this established pool of professionals versed in numerous specialized fields and subject matters and familiar with all pertinent industry-specific terminologies.

“USA Translations is organized to be a dynamic company in touch with the latest developments in global business, social developments and localization issues. Our vast experience focuses on helping our clients achieve more efficient and finely-tuned communications solutions in today’s increasingly international business climate. Our team of language and technical professionals will continue producing accurate and faithful renditions of the original message in every project.” says Feldman.

Interested parties are invited to visit the company website at or may direct inquiries toll-free (only in the USA) at (800) 570-0700

About Us.
USA Translations is a full-service international translation & interpretation company located in West Los Angeles, California, rendering certified translations, consecutive and simultaneous interpretations, multilingual desktop publishing (layout) and transcriptions.

Media contact

Larissa Feldman
(800) 570-0700

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